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Idarah offers a wide range of corporate secretarial services based on the needs of businesses, ranging from small to mid-sized entities. Partner with us to simplify and centralize the corporate secretarial management of your entity.

We offer a full spectrum of annual secretarial maintenance services. Idarah will be your company’s named Secretary and handle all filings and generation of paperwork.

We can assist with A- Z corporate secretarial services that help in company compliance and provide practical support to the Board and Committees. We assist Directors to meet their legal obligations to minute and record all proceedings of board meetings by attending those meetings as reporting secretary.

Idarah provides a comprehensive AGM support service both prior to and after the meeting. We work hand in hand with third parties, provide support with regard to venue management, drafting required paperwork, shareholder communications, and recording of the meeting to ensure your AGM is legally compliant and runs smoothly.

With the help of our compliance calendars, we ensure you remain within your regulatory requirements, with all tasks completed in a timely manner. You never have to worry about being penalized for missing submission deadlines or sending incorrect documents.

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